I'm 24 years old and married to my best friend Emilio. 
Currently we live and work in Australia and are happy to network internationally! So if you are currently looking for photographic company with a European touch, here I am :) 
Ever since I was little I've had something to do with cameras and design. I just love it. After graduation I did an apprenticeship in Media Design and then worked full time in marketing communications for a total of 5 years. The main focus here was editorial design and social media in addition to photography. 
In 2019 I started with part-time photography and since 2022 I have started my own business with it and I have to say: best decision for me!
My priority is to make you feel comfortable. Whether in front of the camera or in collaboration of a design project with me. I like to reduce to the minimum. Keep the most important thing in focus. Don't overdo colors. Love the timeless. 
Sounds good? Leeeet's connect here.
German Inquiries: Ich bin ab Juni 2024 wieder da, der Kalender füllt sich und ich freue mich so sehr auf die deutsche Hochzeitssaison!
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